Registration Vulnerabilities


Duplicate Registration

  • Try to generate using an existing username

  • Check varying the email:

    • uppsercase

    • +1@

    • add some some in the email

    • special characters in the email name (%00, %09, %20)

    • Put black characters after the email: a



Username Enumeration

Check if you can figure out when a username has already been registered inside the application.

Password Policy

Creating a user check the password policy (check if you can use weak passwords). In that case you may try to bruteforce credentials.

SQL Injection

****Check this page to learn how to attempt account takeovers or extract information via SQL Injections in registry forms.

Oauth Takeovers

pageOAuth to Account takeover

SAML Vulnerabilities

pageSAML Attacks

Change Email

when registered try to change the email and check if this change is correctly validated or can change it to arbitrary emails.

More Checks

  • Check if you can use disposable emails

  • Long password (>200) leads to DoS

  • Check rate limits on account creation

  • Use and analyze the callback

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