Username enumeration


In /user/register just try to create a username and if the name is already taken it will be notified:

Request new password

If you request a new password for an existing username:

If you request a new password for a non-existent username:

Number of users enumeration

Accessing /user/<number> you can see the number of existing users, in this case is 2 as /users/3 returns a not found error:

Hidden pages enumeration

Fuzz /node/$ where $ is a number (from 1 to 500 for example). You could find hidden pages (test, dev) which are not referenced by the search engines.

Installed modules info

#From https://twitter.com/intigriti/status/1439192489093644292/photo/1
#Get info on installed modules
curl https://example.com/config/sync/core.extension.yml
curl https://example.com/core/core.services.yml

# Download content from files exposed in the previous step
curl https://example.com/config/sync/swiftmailer.transport.yml

Code execution inside Drupal with admin creds

You need the plugin php to be installed (check it accessing to /modules/php and if it returns a 403 then, exists, if not found, then the plugin php isn't installed)

Go to Modules -> (Check) PHP Filter -> Save configuration

Then click on Add content -> Select Basic Page or Article -> Write php shellcode on the body -> Select PHP code in Text format -> Select Preview

Post Exploitation

Read settings.php

find / -name settings.php -exec grep "drupal_hash_salt\|'database'\|'username'\|'password'\|'host'\|'port'\|'driver'\|'prefix'" {} \; 2>/dev/null

Dump users from DB

mysql -u drupaluser --password='2r9u8hu23t532erew' -e 'use drupal; select * from users'

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