Basic Bruteforcer


The purpose here is to introduce the user to some basic concepts about A.I. apps exploiting, via some easy to follow scripts, which represents the core for writing useful tools.<br> In this example (which can be used to solve the easy labs of BrainSmasher) by recalling also what is written in the solution for the introduction challenge, we will provide a simple yet useful way, in order to iteratively produce some corrupted images, to bruteforce the face recon easy labs (and thus also real applications that relies on the same principles)

Of course we will not provide the full code but only the core part for the exploiting of the model, instead some exercises will be left to the user (the pentesting part), in order to complete the tool. We will provides also some hints, just to give an idea of what can be done.

The script can be found at IMAGE BRUTEFORCER

Try it on our labs BrA.I.Smasher Website

Enjoy and stay safe!

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