Stealing Sensitive Information Disclosure from a Web

If at some point you find a web page that presents you sensitive information based on your session: Maybe it's reflecting cookies, or printing or CC details or any other sensitive information, you may try to steal it. Here I present you the main ways to can try to achieve it:

  • CORS bypass: If you can bypass CORS headers you will be able to steal the information performing Ajax request for a malicious page.

  • ****XSS: If you find a XSS vulnerability on the page you may be able to abuse it to steal the information.

  • ****Danging Markup: If you cannot inject XSS tags you still may be able to steal the info using other regular HTML tags.

  • Clickjaking: If there is no protection against this attack, you may be able to trick the user into sending you the sensitive data (an example here).

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