XSS to RCE Electron Desktop Apps

When I test Electron app, first I always check the options of the BrowserWindow API, which is used to create a browser window. By checking it, I think about how RCE can be achieved when arbitrary JavaScript execution on the renderer is possible. Example:
const mainWindowOptions = {
title: 'Discord',
backgroundColor: getBackgroundColor(),
minWidth: MIN_WIDTH,
minHeight: MIN_HEIGHT,
transparent: false,
frame: false,
resizable: true,
show: isVisible,
webPreferences: {
blinkFeatures: 'EnumerateDevices,AudioOutputDevices',
nodeIntegration: false,
preload: _path2.default.join(__dirname, 'mainScreenPreload.js'),
nativeWindowOpen: true,
enableRemoteModule: false,
spellcheck: true

nodeIntgration RCE

If the nodeIntegration is set to true, a web page's JavaScript can use Node.js features easily just by calling the require(). For example, the way to execute the calc application on Windows is:

Read Arbitrary Internal FIle

If contextIsolation set to false you can try to use <webview> (similar to <iframe> butcan load local files) to read local files and exfiltrate them: using something like <webview src=”file:///etc/passwd”></webview>:
(Trick copied form here).