1080 - Pentesting Socks

Basic Information

SOCKS is an Internet protocol that exchanges network packets between a client and server through a proxy server. SOCKS5 optionally provides authentication, so only authorized users may access a server.

Practically, a SOCKS server proxies TCP connections to an arbitrary IP address, and provides a means for UDP packets to be forwarded. SOCKS performs at Layer 5 of the OSI model

Default Port: 1080


Authentication Check

nmap -p 1080 <ip> --script socks-auth-info

Brute Force

Basic usage

nmap --script socks-brute -p 1080 <ip>

Advanced usage

nmap  --script socks-brute --script-args userdb=users.txt,passdb=rockyou.txt,unpwdb.timelimit=30m -p 1080 <ip>


1080/tcp open  socks
| socks-brute:
|   Accounts
|     patrik:12345 - Valid credentials
|   Statistics
|_    Performed 1921 guesses in 6 seconds, average tps: 320

Tunneling and Port Forwarding

Basic proxychains usage

Setup proxy chains to use socks proxy

nano /etc/proxychains4.conf

Edit the bottom and add your proxy

socks5 1080

With auth

socks5 1080 username password

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